FITPixLite - Compact detector of radiation

This device was developed in the cooperation between Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of West Bohemia and IEAP, CTU. The detector is based on technology designed by Medipix Collaboration at CERN.



  • device of conventional USB flash drive size allows detecting radiation passing through the detector (alpha, beta, gamma and radiation combination)
  • the device's benefit is primarily in its dimensions, compactness and sensor variability (Si, CdTe,GaAs... 300-500um)
  • the integrated high-voltage power supply allows the use semiconductor sensors of different thicknesses (the thickness of the sensor determines the range of use of the detector)
  • the device includes the possibility of controlling data collection from an external signal source, it is possible to synchronize multiple devices and can therefore be used as part of extensive measurement systems
  • FITPixLite can be fitted with a pair of sensors and then the device can be used as a particle telescope


  • Single or dual Timepix readout chip (designed by CERN)
  • Design based on FPGA device; USB 2.0 interface
  • Two independent HV power supplies (up to 300V)
  • Frame rate: 93fps (single), 62 fps (dual)
  • Monitoring power supplies and temperatures
    Sensors: Si 300µ, Si 500µ; sensitive area 14x14mm, 256x256 pixels
  • Energy resolution: up to 2.5kEv (ToT)
  • Operation modes: Counting, Time-over-Threshold, Time-of–Arrival
  • External trigger

SW support

  • Fully supported by free GUI SW (Windows, Linux)
  • Compatibile with SW Pixelman


  • Scientific instrumentation
  • Area radiation monitoring - e.g. industry as fix-mounted detector
  • Detection of radiation sources (radiation camera)

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