Research topics

The main target applications of the research are defined following the key competencies.

The target applications of the research include both purely electrotechnical topics and topics where electrical engineering is one of the elements of the entire system. In these interdisciplinary collaborations, we use other specialist workplaces of the university as well as scientific research workplaces of other Czech and foreign universities. Strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation also takes place with industrial partners, where we manage to cover the entire research chain in the long term, i.e., from the initial idea to support during the deployment of mass-produced products.


The main directions in the field of transport are:

  • electric drives and traction systems,
  • technology for road, rail, and air vehicles,
  • electromobility, power supply and charging infrastructure,
  • intelligent means of transport and systems, and
  • information and communication technologies.

Power Engineering

The main directions in the field of power engineering are:

  • technology for transmission and distribution networks,
  • nuclear technology,
  • energy conversions, production of electricity and heat,
  • safety, reliability and digitization, and
  • smart city technology.


The main directions in the field of industrial applications are:

  • production technology and processes,
  • robotics and automation,
  • sensors, and
  • wearable electronics and smart textiles.