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Modeling and Simulation


The group of mathematical and physical modeling offers:

  • Designs of electromechanical converters,
  • Computations in the domain of electroheat technologies, design of induction and dielectric heating,
  • Particle tracing in electromagnetic field (electrostatic separation, electron microscopy, high-voltage problems, dynamic model of corona),
  • Modeling of magnetic fields in codes ANSYS, COMSOL, FEMM, Agros2D,
  • Simulation and analysis of dynamic systems in codes SIMULINK, MATLAB, OPEN MODELICA,
  • Modeling of acoustic fields (Agros2D, COMSOL),
  • Thermal computations in civil engineering,
  • Measurements on electrical machines by means of three-phase network analyzers, oscilloscopes, dynamometers,
  • Diagnostics of electrical machines based on measurements, comparison of simulations and experiments,
  • Design of electrical machines: the results can be function samples and prototypes manufactured by particular companies,
  • Computations of air flow, ventilation computations, coupled thermal-flow computations, optimization of ventilation circuits, design of fans,
  • Analysis of electrical machines by means of analytical and numerical calculation methods.


  • Agros Suite: a complex environment for modelling multi-physical problems and optimisation tasks
  • ANSYS Maxwell: environment for solving physical fields, especially electromagnetic fields
  • COMSOL Multiphysics: a tool intended for modelling and simulation of complex multiphysics problems
  • CST Studio Suite: design and analysis of high-frequency electromagnetic systems
  • MATLAB: environment for scientific and technical computations, modelling, algorithm design and data presentation, parallel computations, signal measurement and processing, design of control and communication systems
  • Simulink: environment for dynamic system design and modelling
  • LabView: graphic and development environment for the design of measuring and other systems