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Power Engineering and Industrial Systems

Research Area

Research on new facilities and technologies in order to optimise and increase the efficiency of power and heat generation, mining and industrial technologies. Research on advanced nuclear technologies, including, for example, special detectors used in nuclear power engineering and space research. Research on new technologies and equipment exploiting high-voltage power electronics. Management control systems.      


Examples of Anticipated Research Outcomes

  • An expert system for optimising high-power pumps and fans.
  • New technologies exploiting power electronics primarily for drives of feed pumps, fans and high-power high-speed compressors, as well as for electric power quality. 
  • New solutions for compensating for earth faults occurring in insulated networks and high-impedance earthed networks.  
  • Solutions for achieving high-quality electric power and output control in modern distribution networks. 
  • Special solutions for nuclear power plants.
  • New concepts of power drives to be used in the mining industry.
  • A unique platform for a top-quality modular control system for demanding applications requiring a high level of safety – REMCS systems. 


Target Customers

Manufacturers and suppliers of high-voltage converters and power drives, manufacturers and suppliers of mining machinery, power and heat generation and distribution companies, paper mills and chemical plants, and the general public sector.