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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering knows the winner of the internal competition

Today, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) Zdeněk Peroutka appraised the winner of an internal competition for creative students and employees.

Entering the competition was to invent a slogan and an appropriate way of promoting the Faculty that will help to attract other applicants to study at the FEE from the target group of secondary school students.

Fifteen teams participated in the competition with original ideas. The Dean appointed five-member committee, composed of staff and students who carefully evaluated all the projects sent. They chose the three best proposals and decided to award six other, given the quality of the projects submitted a special award.

First place went to the student duo Jan Kaska and Jan Leffler for a creative brief "How to FELit". The second place belongs to the project created by Kateřina Burešová, Kateřina Newton and Petr Netolický, and the third place was divided between Martin Sirový and Jan Laksar.

Thanks to all of you for submitting proposals that are of great benefit to us. In the promotion and presentation of the faculty, we will be inspired by the ideas of you who, through your activities, are helping to spread the good name FEL.