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A student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is spreading electromobility

One of the many ambitions of a PhD student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Miroslav Blohmann, is to promote the development of electromobility.

Although his first electric vehicle was built only half a year ago, he has already built a network of dealers and his electric cars can be purchased in 10 locations throughout the Czech Republic.

Miroslav Blohmann dedicates his spare time to the production of electric vehicles. He is currently studying in PhD studies Electrical Engineering and Informatics and at the same time working in a foreign company as an engineer of power electronics development.

Miroslav Blohmann is convinced that the world of electric cars is progressing rapidly, and although on our roads you will see the electric car rarely, he believes that in a few years it will be a daily part of our lives. About his elBlesk project, he speaks of "the original solution of 100% electric transport in the form of very cheap, simple and reliable electric vehicles with low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements". ElBlesk vehicles are designed to meet the requirements of everyday transport, and their price is very favorable and accessible to everyone at the same time. Another irresistible advantage of elBlesk cars is the possibility of charging from a normal socket, full charge takes 6 - 8 hours and the car's reach is up to 100 km. You can drive the elBlesk trike from 15 years old and the City S car from 16 years old.

We look forward to further plans and ideas of our student and wish him many successes in the future.