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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering received the HR Award

After a year of hard work, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering gained the prestigious HR Award, confirming the right setting in the field of strategy and human resources management.

This award also favors the faculty when applying for grants from European and national programs. The HR Award is awarded to the research institutions by the European Commission, and by giving this prize, the faculty undertakes to follow HRS4R (Human Resource Strategy for Researchers) based on the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (further "the Charter" and "the Code"). The Charter and the Code contain 40 principles that are divided into four areas and address not only ethical
and professional aspects, but also working conditions, recruitment, selection, and last but not least training and staff development. The goal of implementing the Charter and the Code is to create a quality and attractive work environment not only for researchers.

At the end of last year, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering subscribed to the principles of the Charter and the Code, this year focusing on carrying out a detailed analysis of the implementation of these principles, assessing the state of their fulfillment and setting the action plan for the next period. In October, these outputs were sent to the European Commission, and after evaluation was decided to award Faculty the HR Award.

By getting the HR Award, the faculty undertakes to implement the proposed action plan for the internal environment in the field of human resources for two years. Thanks to this success, it is also possible to take advantage of more favorable conditions for drawing grants from European and national programs.