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The Faculty of Electrical Engineering took part in the fair We open the door by education

On 1 November, the fair We open the door by education was launched, attended by 62 partner companies. It is a school trade fair of work and study opportunities, which aims especially to show students the possibility of their application after graduation from secondary school.

All three technical faculties of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen presented themselves at the trade fair and study fair traditionally organized by the VOŠ and SPŠE Pilsen. FEE has prepared a demonstration of smart fabrics, including smart firefighting suit, wireless power, hexapod, tank and satellite. Visitors were given the opportunity to get detailed information about the business activities and thus to assess the possibilities of personal application. The school also prepared an accompanying program for students, with the lecture given by the FEL researcher Ing. Ivo Veřtát, Ph.D. He spoke about the development of the Czech technological satellite VZLUSAT-1, in which the faculty participates.

ODV visited a record number of participants and we are looking forward to the next year.