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Seminar "How to Build a Complete IoT Solution"

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in cooperation with the IQRF Alliance, organized at the faculty a specialized seminar "How to build a complete IoT solution".

The seminar was determined for all those interested in IoT and therefore not only students and employees of UWB but also students and teachers from the Secondary Industrial School of Electrical Engineering in Pilsen. The training enjoyed many participations and interest was also from representatives from the commercial sphere.

The seminar was opened by Jiří Tupa, Vice-Dean for Strategy and Development, who informed potential candidates about the possibility of studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Petr Kašpar from the Department of Technology and Measurement of FEL, then continued and informed them about the Smart Campus project. The idea of the project is a reduced model of the city, a living testbed, enabling the testing of the most modern smart and IoT technologies on a small scale. Next, IQRF Alliance trainers, Ivona Spurná and Dalibor Šima, presented their presentations at this subject. Part of the seminar included practical demonstrations of IQRF technology, and participants were able to try it and test this technology themselves.

Another seminar on this topic will be held on 28 November 2018 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UWB.

Please apply to register here, as the classroom capacity is limited.

All registered users will be confirmed by email prior to the event.