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FEL|RICE at International Engineering Fair (MSV) in Brno

RICE successfully presented at this year's jubilee 60th International Engineering Fair (MSV) in Brno a prototype of technology for non-contact transmission of energy to rotary systems.

This technology is primarily used for wireless powering of moving parts via an air gap or a gap formed by an insulator. This technology is suitable for powering electronic devices in moving systems or where it is not possible to contact the power supply. This demostand was created in FEL | RICE in cooperation with FST | RTI WBU. The utility has been granted a utility model and is also in patent proceedings.

At the fair, the faculty has established many new contacts with some foreign institutions and companies. Several companies, including the manufacturer and operator of small hydropower plants, were interested in contactless power solutions. It is a unique technology, which can be easily implemented even in already realized functional units and to ensure, for example, measurement of operating parameters of synchronous generators or other rotary machines.

The International Engineering Fair in Brno took place from October 1st to 5th and this year 1650 exhibitors from 33 countries participated. UWB was represented by all technical faculties and their centers.